Flying by private jet Antalya is the most comfortable way to explore the city of Antalya and the surrounding region. The city is an international hub with a population of more than three million people and many seaside resorts. It is known as the “Turquoise Coast” and is the gateway to the southern Mediterranean region of Turkey. The city has a long and distinguished history, and is decorated with watercraft and large hotels.

Private Jet From Antalya

Antalya has a commercial airport near the city, which is one of the biggest hubs for summer holiday travelers. In 2006, it was named the ‘Best Airport in Europe’ by the Airport’s Council International. It is also an ideal location for private jet from Antalya flights to other parts of Turkey and Europe. The city is a popular tourist destination, with its turquoise beaches, azure sea, and rich history. It is the gateway to the southern Mediterranean, and a perfect spot for a spontaneous weekend getaway. The airport is easily accessible by helicopter or private jet Antalya.

Moscow Antalya Private Jet Charter

  • Getting from Antalya to Moscow Vnukovo is easier with a Moscow Antalya private jet charter.
  • The distance is 2178 kilometers, and a private jet Antalya can get you there in three hours and 45 minutes.
  • It is recommended to use a light jet for the flight, and you can select a medium-sized aircraft if you want to save on fuel.   

Private Jet From Antalya

Travelling to Antalya by private jet from Antalya is an excellent way to see the city and its surroundings without having to worry about the hassles of public transportation. The city has its own dedicated airport and you can choose to fly in a light jet or a large one. Light jets and midsize aircraft are the most common types of aircraft used in and around Antalya. The private jet Antalya service can also arrange for a transfer to the hotel or vice versa. It also eliminates the hassle of clearing customs and security lines. Whether you need to fly to a luxury resort in Turkey or just want to relax after a long day of work, private jets from Antalya can get you there in no time. The airport is situated near the city and is the most convenient location for private jet passengers. The airport is also adapted for all types of aircraft and offers personalised services.

Private Jet to Antalya

  • Traveling by private jet to Antalya is the most comfortable and convenient way to visit a destination.
  • Whether you want to relax on a beach, relax on a golf course, or visit a historical site, private jet Antalya charters offer the ultimate in luxury.
  • Private jet charters have the added benefit of first-class on-board service.
  • Additionally, the luxury of private jet service means that you can clear security and customs without the need to worry about waiting in line.

Private Jet From Antalya to Dubai

Travelling from Antalya to Dubai by private jet from Antalya to Dubai is the fastest and cheapest way to travel. You can choose from a number of different aircraft types, including midsize and large jets. You can also charter a private aircraft for a longer trip. Prices vary depending on the number of passengers and the type of aircraft. These flights have exclusive facilities such as VIP terminals, accelerated customs clearance, and on-board catering. The price private jet Antalya will vary depending on the number of passengers, the type of seats, and the aircraft model. Depending on the aircraft type, the flight can take up to three hours and forty-five minutes.

Private Jet Antalya Price

  • If you are thinking of traveling to Turkey on a private jet Antalya, you have come to the right place.
  • Private jets are available for rental in Antalya, Turkey.
  • When looking for a private jet Antalya, you must first consider the number of passengers you are taking on board.
  • If you are a group of up to six people, then the price is likely to be higher than if you are flying alone.
  • There are several different types of aircraft available for charter in Antalya.
  • The most common ones are light jets and midsize jets.
  • These types of aircraft are ideal for short and long-haul flights, and can carry eleven to twelve passengers.
  • These aircraft are typically equipped with a sleeping area, eating areas, and recreational areas.

Antalya Private Jet

Antalya private jet is a luxurious way to travel between two destinations. These private flights are usually much more affordable than commercial flights, and they are a popular choice for business travelers. While the cost for a single seat on a private jet is relatively low, the final price can vary significantly. Prices will depend on the number of passengers, type of seat, and route. 

Antalya Private Jet Charter

  • One of the benefits of an Antalya private jet charter is the VIP terminal, which caters to arriving and departing private jet passengers.
  • This terminal has comfortable Ottoman-style seating, a full buffet, and free WiFi.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to clear customs and security without any problems.
  • The distance between Antalya and Istanbul Ataturk is approximately 485 km, and the flight takes one hour and thirteen minutes.
  • The airport is large and can accommodate any type of aircraft. It’s also a convenient location for private jet Antalya to other areas.

Private Jet Istanbul

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


For Pre-Reservation, 40% of the total amount is made as a prepayment. Your reservation is finalized after payment.

The remaining 60% balance must be paid in cash to the Prestige Lux crew member before boarding the yacht.

We accept payments by bank transfer or cash. Do not hesitate to contact your Prestige Lux representative for other payment methods.

Included In The Rental

When booking your yacht with Prestige Lux, the following services are included:

  • Skipper
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Marina Departure Fees
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks (depending on tour)

Prestige Lux Tour is happy to offer you the concierge service during your rental period, our local experts will advise you on the best spots in the area and book for you based on your preferences.

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