Kemer yacht tour is a popular activity in Antalya. Kemer Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean Region, is a favorite city of local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months.

  • One of the very special cities of Antalya is the district of Kemer, which is always popular.
  • There are many different events waiting for those who come to the city of Kemer, which is about 40 km away from Antalya.
  • Among these, Kemer yacht tour constitutes a special place in itself, among the activities most preferred by those who come to the city during the summer months.
  • Our company also serves domestic and foreign tourists in this area with a completely boutique approach.

Best Kemer Yacht Tour

As those who have been to the city before know very well, there are many different options for the best Kemer yacht tour. If it is necessary to give information about the tours of our company here, the following information can be given.

  • We have daily and weekly yacht tours.
  • All of our tours are extremely enjoyable tours.
  • Tours are organized with luxury yachts that have been maintained and controlled to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean Region.
  • Again, our company offers different tour options to its customers by organizing Kemer yacht tours to different places.
  • In these journeys, unforgettable moments are made in all tones of green and blue.

Kemer Yacht Tour Prices

Kemer yacht tour prices of our company are very suitable as you will see when you do a market research.

  • Our company ‘s Kemer yacht tour is determined by whether it is a daily tour, and if it is weekly, it is determined by how many weeks it is.
  • In addition, the treats offered on the yacht are also factors that change the numbers.
  • At this point, our customers are offered different food options.
  • The menus he will choose will change the prices of yacht tours.
  • Payments can be made in cash while boarding the yacht, as well as by credit card. The choice is entirely up to our customer.

Kemer Yacht Charter

Our Kemer yacht charter services include standard services, whether daily or long-term. First of all, those who travel with us on our yachts are insured against any risk. Again, there are transfer services among the services we provide. During the stay on the boat, there are refreshments included in the prices. Again on the yacht, our expert and trained guide provides guidance to the smallest detail for the places included in the tour. Drinks of all kinds, breakfast, lunch, water are standard among our treats.

Kemer Vip Yacht Charter

Another thing we need to express in terms of our Kemer vip yacht charter services is that we can provide services with the VIP concept if requested.

  • In this type of yacht charter services, we go beyond our standard yacht charter services and respond to all expectations of our customers.
  • Yacht charter service is provided on the routes requested by the customer, for the durations requested by the customer.
  • In addition, the dishes that the customer wants are prepared in the prepared menus.
  • Of course, there are no other customers on the yacht. Service is provided completely in accordance with the VIP logic.

Kemer Daily Yacht Charter

Kemer daily yacht charter starts at one hour in the morning as standard.

  • Our customers who come to the yacht stop at certain bays after sailing to the Mediterranean during the day.
  • People swim to their heart’s content.
  • When viewed as a place, places such as Cennet Bay, Pirate Cave, Phaselis Bay, Kiriş Bay can be visited.
  • In addition, all kinds of activities such as music and animation ensure that yacht tours are extremely entertaining.
  • Children and our yacht charter services are also unforgettable.
  • They have extremely special entertainments and activities such as clowns. They are events that have been thought through to the smallest detail of every detail. Call us for the most suitable Kemer yacht tour information for your holiday.

Kemer Boat Tour

With the approach of the summer months, those who want to relieve the stress of the busy work pace and city life and gather energy for the new working period are in search of a quality holiday.

  • Kemer, one of the most beautiful holiday regions of the Mediterranean, provides the best answer to this quest by offering many opportunities for a full holiday.
  • Those who prefer Kemer for their holiday may have the chance to experience a privilege called Kemer boat tour .
  • Those who want to spice up the classic holiday concept with fun activities should definitely consider this option.
  • The pleasure of the boat, which will allow you to enjoy the entertainment in the uniquely beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, will directly raise the quality standards of your holiday to the top.
  • We can guarantee that this special experience that brings the guests together with the calm and beauty of the sea with the Kemer yacht tour will take its place among the unforgettable holiday memories.

Kemer Boat Tours

You’ve worked all winter, you’re tired, worn out and it’s time to take time for yourself. Making the most of this time depends on the choices you make.

  • Of course, there will be many alternatives for your holiday.
  • Although you prefer to stay in the best hotel in the most beautiful resort, how can I spend my holiday more efficiently in your mind? There will be a question.
  • Kemer boat tours can be the best answer to this question.
  • While enjoying your holiday in this beautiful town, it is priceless to spend a fun day in the unique beauty of the sea, thanks to the Kemer yacht tour .
  • If you prefer a boat tour as the best activity to do during your holiday in Kemer, you can have the chance to explore the historical beauties of the region along with the opportunity to swim in the clear blue waters of the town.

Kemer Boat Tour Prices

The contribution of Kemer yacht tour service to the holiday experience is indisputable. Everything sought in the name of the sea, peace, tranquility and entertainment is available on a daily boat tour.

  • Those who want to evaluate the tour idea, of course, wonder how much the Kemer boat tour prices are.
  • Prices vary according to the content of the service and some criteria, and let us state that it is much more economical when compared to the service quality.
  • Kemer yacht tour program offered at affordable prices, without sacrificing service quality, with the highest level of guest satisfaction.
  • It is no longer a dream to visit the most beautiful and calm coves of Antalya and to have pleasant moments with delicious food and musical entertainment!
  • In fact, if you knew that you can reach these fun activities that you think you can only dream of from the outside, with our company’s economical Kemer boat tour prices , you wouldn’t have waited for a minute!

Kemer Private Boat Tour

Would you like to experience an unforgettable, high quality holiday?

  • Then you can leave the classical alternatives aside and consider the Kemer private boat tour option.
  • This private Kemer yacht tour service will allow you to do many activities in one day.
  • You might think it’s a standard boat tour when you first hear it, but its content is not like that.
  • The tour privilege, which will allow you to see the unemployed beauties of the sea, will also allow you to discover the historical beauties.
  • Add to this, unlimited fun with delicious food, and you will clearly understand what you can fit into a day and how you can improve the quality of your holiday.
Antalya Kemer Boat Charter

The beloved Antalya is one of the most beautiful and preferred holiday regions of our country. It is also possible to spice up the holiday while on vacation here. There are bays in Antalya that will reveal the unique beauties of our country. It is possible to reach these bays by land, but the bays you can visit in this way are limited. When you get Antalya Kemer boat rentalservice, you can have the opportunity to visit many bays and have fun to the fullest in one day. There are many alternatives in the region where boat rental services are highly developed. In this case, it will be useful to make the right choice according to the number of people.

Where Does the Kemer Boat Tour Go?

If you are wondering where the Kemer boat tour goes , we can say that the tours organized including lunch will offer you the opportunity to swim and sunbathe in many bays.

  • The boat tour, which departs from Kemer Marina, is indescribably fun.
  • As the best activity in Kemer holiday, you can enjoy swimming in Phaselis, Olympos and Cennet coves, participating in the Kemer yacht tour activity.
  • Eating your lunch in the bays with the most beautiful nature of Antalya is guaranteed to give you a special holiday experience!

Kemer Boat Tour All Inclusive

When Kemer boat tour is preferred as all-inclusive, it is possible to enjoy a full tour. Kemer yacht tour , which generally serves as a concept including lunch, can also be preferred as all-inclusive.

Best Kemer All Inclusive Boat Tour

The best Kemer All-inclusive boat tour can be a unique opportunity to discover the beauties of Kemer region. You can contact our company for detailed information about the service concept, tour routes, content and reservation.

Source: Wikipedia Kemer, Antalya

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


For Pre-Reservation, 40% of the total amount is made as a prepayment. Your reservation is finalized after payment.

The remaining 60% balance must be paid in cash to the Prestige Lux crew member before boarding the yacht.

We accept payments by bank transfer or cash. Do not hesitate to contact your Prestige Lux representative for other payment methods.

Included In The Rental

When booking your yacht with Prestige Lux, the following services are included:

  • Skipper
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Marina Departure Fees
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks (depending on tour)

Prestige Lux Tour is happy to offer you the concierge service during your rental period, our local experts will advise you on the best spots in the area and book for you based on your preferences.

In addition to that, Prestige Lux Tour always takes your preferences into consideration and attaches high importance on your opinions and food taste. We are flexible to make changes and adjustments according to your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the private boat rental food menu list.